Emergence Of Top Preschools In India

There was a time when preschool education wasn ’t considered as important as it is today. The Indian schools, over the years, have launched some of the best training programmes. These institutes can offer holistic education to the children. Preschool days are some of the best days in a child’s life. This is the time when a child makes the transition, first from home to preschool later preschool to school. The top preschools in India offer complete programmes for the children. These institutes subscribing to various teaching methodologies. Ultimately, in this competitive era, preschool education is something that cannot be underestimated.

Another important factor that comes in mind while discussing the preschool system is the teaching methodology adopted by the institutes. These schools have employed a variety of programmes under which, the children can hone their gross skills. A child’s gross and motor skills are important in this era.The best preschools in India have repeatedly stressed on its importance. Consecutively, the parents also play an important role in influencing a child’s mental and holistic growth. These lay a great deal of motivational importance for the fate of a child’s academic growth. The Montessori and Froebel approach are two of the most common teaching philosophies adopted by the schools in India. They deal with the complete development of the child. Additionally, these methodologies ensure that the child can gain momentum and understand the skills. The main aim of the curriculum adopted by these schools is to polish the physical, emotional, and social skills.

These academic institutes offer rich content and diverse academic approach to keep a child focused. The Indian preschool lay a considerable importance to the smooth transition of a child from his or her home to the school. Lately, a concept of play schools in India has emerged. These institutes provide great impetus to the children. In contrast to this, their overall role in the development of the child is also important. It is a well-documented fact that the children can learn a great deal by participating in play and activities; therefore, every effort is laid by the school to ensure the same for the child. The methodology of these play schools has been hypothesized by the in-house experts. The aim is simple, to ensure holistic development of the child. Additionally, these play schools have hired leading specialists of the content to write quality books for the children. As children learn a great deal by looking at the pictures, so importance is given to pictorial data.

A recent study by the Ministry of HRD provided a startling revelation. India is home to more than 50,000 preschools.These academic institutes provide a complete education to the children. Besides that, the preschools in India provide day care facilities as well, where the children can spend time amongst their peers and learn a great deal by interaction as well as participating in stimulating activities. The school’s curriculum is one, which requires involvement of the parents. Therefore, it is important that the parents participate in their ward’s progress.

The top Preschools in India :