The PTE is an English proficiency test organized by Pearson. The test was launched in 2009. The test is one of the most widely accepted English proficiency tests in the US, the UK, Canada, and Australia. The test is accepted by thousands of business programs from around the world. Leading colleges like Harvard Business School, Yale, and INSEAD. The PTE test was initiated by the Pearson after years of research. The PTE test is one of the leading tests in the world. The test is prepared in consultation with English experts who have taught in leading programs from around the world.

The PTE is majorly taken by students looking to study abroad. The PTE is the only language test in the world, which provides results in five days. The PTE or more widely known as PTE Academic provides a fair and reliable English assessment. The PTE exam, in India, has gained traction in the last few years and provides a gateway to education to English speaking countries. The testing body provides the lowest standard error of measurement, which guarantees the accuracy of the test. It is one of the most objective test of academic English. This guarantees that the candidates who get through the test master all the domains of the language. It is one of the most versatile language proficiency tests as it includes various parameters like listening to recorded lectures, graphs, and a variety of accents.

Additionally, the test is a measure of an individual’s ability to express themselves in English and not to memorise the language. The PTE registration process is simple. A prospective test-taker has to register on the website of Pearson to register for the test and schedule an appointment. Once the test is done, a candidate can expect the results in five days of the exam date.

The students from all over the world participate in the test. That’s the primary reason why this test is trusted by institutes, governments and leading organisations around the world. The PTE exam dates are mentioned on the official website. Choose the date most suitable for you and plan your academic journey. The PTE Academic is conducted at more than 150 locations around the world. There is no fixed time of taking the PTE Academic Test. The test is conducted several times during a calendar year. On an average, the Pearson conducts the PTE Academic Test on 363 days in a year.

Test Preparation