Customer review.
    • Tahseen
    • July 12, 2017, 1:31 pm

    Horrible experience at Brats n Cuties Brats N Cuties Dwarka Sector 11 day care center, Dwarka; for over 3 months my daughter was enrolled there. Their staff physically abuse children and humiliate them in front of other kids. The camera links have not been working and there is a lack of appreciation towards cleanliness. My daughter loves going to school and also loved going to previous day care. But after her experience with Brats n Cuties she is horrified to go to any daycare. After I reached out to other parents to share my experience, I found that they also had bad experiences at Brats n Cuties. If I had been aware beforehand of the poor conditions in this pre-school, I would never have enrolled my daughter there. Hope and pray no other child has to go face what my daughter faced. Wanted to share here so that other parents and kids don’t have to go through the horrid experience we had to deal with.