The SAT, popularly known as the Scholastic Aptitude Test, is a prerequisite for admissions to colleges, particularly in the United States. The SATExam is a universally recognized admission test conducted by the College Board. The test lets a candidate show colleges their knowledge and application of that information.Mainly, the test measures a candidate’s knowledge of reading, writing, and math. The aim is to test the basic knowledge of the everyday subjects, taught in high school classrooms. The best time to appear for the SAT exam is during the junior or senior year of high school.Almost every college in the US accepts the SAT scores as part of the admission process.

Nevertheless, the SAT is only the first of many requirements to obtain an admission offer from the college. For a student, college is one the most exciting times. It is the place where they get an opportunity of developing skills. Hence, SAT Test is very important for the complete academic success. A good high school score is as important as obtaining a high SAT score. A right mix of the two will guarantee you the perfect college.

Similarly, there is no fixed time of taking the SAT. The test is conducted several times during a calendar year. Therefore, you can schedule an appointment at your discretion.Consecutively, there aren’t anyfixed criteria in terms of number of attempts you can make to clear the test. However, a majority of the students prefer giving SAT in the junior year. In this standardised test, the syllabus is predefined and the paper is set based on questions from the allotted topics. Besides, there is no fixed time to commence your SAT preparation. As the questions are picked from the concepts taught in Junior and Senior year of the high school. This makes the preparation of the test relatively easy.

The SAT consists of two parts. The SAT test and the SAT Subject Test. The subject test is a content-based exam that measures a candidate’s ability in a particular subject. The SAT registration process is simple and can be easily completed online. It is one of the widely accepted tests that allows the students to highlight their ability in a particular field. The SAT subject test covers a wide domain of subjects ranging from History and Latin to Spanish.

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