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As part of our vision to subsidize educational expenses incurred by a student, Global Educates offers a scholarship program...

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Test Preparation

The GRE, famously known as the Graduate Record Exam, is a standardised test, accepted by major institutes around the world.

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The GMAT, popularly known as the Graduate Management Admission Test, is one of the most popular tests taken by MBA aspirants.

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The SAT, popularly known as the Scholastic Aptitude Test, is a prerequisite for admissions to colleges...

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For many Indian students aspiring for high quality education in the field they choose, study abroad scholarships prove great.

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English Language

The International English Language Testing System, popularly known as the IELTS, is the world’s leading English Language Test.

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The PTE is an English proficiency test organized by Pearson. The test was launched in 2009.

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TOEFL stands for Test of English as a Foreign Language. It measures the ability of non-native speakers of English to students utilise their skills of listening, reading.

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Studying Abroad gives you a new perspective to life. It offers a unique opportunity of experiencing a new culture and interacting with new societies. Until very recently, studying abroad was a dream which only a few could accomplish. High cost of education, primarily, was the major reason that played on everyone’s mind. Nonetheless, the times have now changed. Easy availability of student loans, scholarships, and student grants have enabled more students to study abroad.

Besides, the most important question which haunts a majority of the students is which destination to choose ? Asia’s majestic diversity and the growth opportunities offered by growing economies like India and China, and then there is the lure of studying in world’s third largest economy – Japan. Or Europe’s high academic standards, world class institutes, internationally recognized degrees, and a high standard of living. Then there is the US. A country which has been at the pinnacle of higher education since almost eternity. Or The Oceania, home to Australia and New Zealand, two similar countries offering a diverse lifestyle with right mix of heritage and modernization.

Ultimately, studying abroad is an experience which should be treasured. Any place you choose, rest assured, you will come back with a surfeit of memories and life experiences. Good luck and experience a new society, and take advantage of every opportunity that lay ahead of you.

Study In Asia

From India to Japan, Asia offers an exciting academic atmosphere

Study In Europe

Europe is more than The Alps, it is the education capital of world

Study In America

A postsecondary education in US is the ticket to economic success

Study IN Oceania

It is fast becoming an education hub; look south, look Australia