The Test of English as Foreign Language, popularly known as the TOEFL, is the world’s leading English Language Test. The test is popular among non-English speaking natives, planning to move to English speaking countries like the UK, Australia, Canada, and the US. Over the years, the TOEFL test has continued to establish new standards in English Language Testing. Over 9000 organizations from around the world, ranging from sectors as diverse as medicine to biotechnology, accept the TOEFL scores to gauge the English proficiency. Previous year, more than 2.5 million candidates appeared for the TOEFL, a feat unmatched by any other exam. It is one of the most widely accepted testing platform that is regarded as a secure, valid, and a reliable pointer of a candidate’s ability.

The test can be taken by the candidates planning to move to an English speaking country for education or migration, or for professional accreditation. The TOEFL exam is jointly governed by the British Council, TOEFL Australia, and the Cambridge English Language Assessment. They have established more than 1100 test centres around the world in over 140 countries. The test is conducted four times in a month, around the year. It is one of the world’s most acknowledged testing system as people from diverse backgrounds appear for the test. A structured and well-defined approach can help you ace the exam.

The TOEFL is further divided into two versions. One is known as the Academic Test and the other is known as General Training. The Academic Test is suited to the candidates who wish to pursue higher education in an English speaking country. The General Training test caters to those who wish to gain work experience or undertake training programs in English speaking countries.

The presence of TOEFL centres at over 1100 locations makes it one of the widely accepted tests. You can complete your TOEFL registration by simply registering for the test and by paying a nominal registration fee. Sending TOEFL score reports also are very easy. One can easily send reports to their specified institute or authority. There is no fixed time of taking the TOEFL. The test is conducted several times during a calendar year. The test is conducted on 48 fixed dates in a calendar year. It is one of the widely accepted tests that allows the students to highlight their ability in a particular field.

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