Top Engineering Colleges in India

It is said that Engineers are the problem solvers of the world. They are the creators of tomorrow. The growth of the society or ultimately the growth of the nation depends upon the quality of engineers it produces. Over the years, engineering colleges have emerged across all major cities. They offer a plethora of courses ranging from conventional courses in Computers and Mechanical design to concentrated courses like Molecular Engineering, Biotechnology, and Genetic Engineering. India, home to top engineering colleges, can be easily described as the prime producer of engineers. The vast length and breadth of the country makes it a perfect incubator for colleges, from government run NITs and IITs to some of the top private colleges. From picturesque, historical campuses to modern architecture, India has all. Consult any technical education expert, and they will advise you to pursue your course in some of the leading colleges in India. To know more about individual colleges and their performance, click on the individual tabs for detailed information.


The rapid growth of the economy has led to a substantial demand for engineering colleges. As a result, engineering colleges can be found across the length and breadth of India. Be it the land of seven rivers or the mountainous terrains of the Himalayas, one can easily find some of the best colleges for engineering. There was a period when there was dearth of top colleges across the land. Consecutively, people living in one part of the land were forced to leave their homes to be able to study in such top institutes. However, this is all history now. India is now home to top institutes like the government run NITs or the private institutes like the Birla Institute oftechnology.The Indian institutions today have reasonably good faculty members and some of them have published their workin leading technical papers. When India can offer leading educational facilities along with trained and dedicated staff, why would anyone look towards colleges from abroad?Gone are the days of relocating away from home, when the students were forced to look towards the US or the UK for a suitable engineering course. Additionally, the government has also set up various new educational institutes like the IITs in new states. Ultimately, a nation’s future can be ensured by setting up educational institutes strategically across the land and India has managed to achieve this dream.


There is a strong ecosystem for engineering colleges, where they can easily thrive. Indian colleges can easily compete with some of the best institutes from around the world. You can compare them on a variety of parameters like the facilities offered, job prospects, infrastructure, curriculum, or faculty. In terms of job opportunities, engineering is the best. You will find Indian colleges competing with their counterparts from abroad.The top engineering colleges in India provide excellent job opportunities to the students both in terms of on-campus and off-campus placements. Be it the IITs or the NITs or the private engineering colleges; there is no lack of available options. The IT industry, for instance, has been steadily growing at a rate of around 15-20%, thus ensuring the growth of the working professionals. Therefore, the time is ripe to enrol yourself in some of the best colleges in India.


The prompt and easy access to the latest technologies has helped us to evolve. The demand for the individuals trained in a special skill set has never been as high as it is now. And Engineering colleges have been at the forefront of meeting this demand. The public institutes like the IITs and the NITs have ideally taken the position of leader, and guided various smaller public and private institutes of India. This trend has been instrumental in reaping benefit for the best engineering colleges in India at the global level. In addition to this, the global trend has also been at par the India trend. The colleges in India have successfully collaborated with international colleges. In terms of short-term and long-term partnerships, the Indian colleges have managed to set-up strategic alliance with engineering colleges like the MIT, which have been considered the colossus of engineering.These partnerships have helped the Indian institutes to provide quality education.


This sudden emergence of the engineering colleges has raised one crucial situation for the students. How are they to find the best out of these? There are only a few IITs and NITs and not every student can be lucky enough to study in them. Therefore, there is a need for a ranking mechanism, which would make it easy for the students and the parents to list top colleges. For that reason, after laying a huge amount of methodical work, we have prepared a list of engineering colleges in India. These are some of the top leading colleges, which have over the years, produced some of the finest minds. These engineering colleges form the base of the top institute pyramid in India. This will not only help students make informed decisions, but will also help them find all information about these colleges. The idea behind providing this in-depth listing of colleges is to help the students make comparisons between various colleges. Rankings have been calculated after accounting for various factors, which affect the colleges and their overall placements. As per our research and analysis, these are some of the best colleges for you if you aspire to become an engineer.