Hospitality / Travel Colleges in India

The Hospitality and travel industry account for 18% of the world’s economy. Therefore, there is no denying the role and emergence of this industry. India, with its philosophy of “AtithiDevoBhava” – the guest is equivalent to god – has always been at the forefront of this industry. Also, lately, the increased interest of the students in pursuing a career in this industry can be attributed to the improvement of course modules and facilities by the colleges offering courses in this field.

The hospitality Industry is on a rise. A course in this field prepares the students with skill, assurance, and services like management and marketing. Some of the best hospitality colleges in India have evolved beyond the means to offer holistic development courses. The students of this particular industry have to be competent in multiple skills. The courses are tailor-made for people looking for real life scenarios and challenges.

The travel and tourism industry provides vitalinformation that is required to accomplish the miscellaneousburdens placed upon individuals working in the travel industry.The emergence of top government and private Travel and Tourism colleges in India has also contributed to widespread interest in colleges offering such courses. In terms of job opportunities, a professional degree holder of travel or hospitality may find a surfeit of options available for them.